It’s the most popular form of media on the internet.

Is Your Church Using Video?

Photos and audio are important tools, but video is compelling. It can bring people to tears. A well crafted video is full of visuals, audio, and emotion, all in one package. Is your church doing video right?

Download one of these poweful guides to help you boost your video production.


The full guide to a church video studio for any budget!


Free service countdowns. Use with any background!

Connecting people to God in a very connected world

From filming, to editing, to graphics, to our best equipment recommendations, we’ve got you covered.

Video Production

Hold your church’s video production to the highest standard and create a work of art.

Motion Graphics Design

Capture attention with motion design, and add a whole new element to your church videos.

Equipment Reviews

“What equipment do we need?” Stop asking this question and follow our guide!

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I’m Sam!

Hey there I’m Sam DeZeeuw. I have been making videos since I was a youngster. Out of college I got my dream job to work for my favorite baseball team, the St. Louis Cardinals, for their Video Scoreboard department. I still love my job for the MLB team but I knew I needed to use my talents for more. So I began putting more of a focus on making videos to reach people for Jesus.