The world needs to hear the message you are spreading, the message of Jesus. And why is Graphic Design such an important tool to communicate that message? Through GOOD design and purposeful media, you can give an accurate representation of what being a follower of Jesus is all about. And that’s why this is so important!

So today I’m going to share with you 3 different apps to help you create attention-grabbing graphic design quickly to communicate the Gospel.

1. Canva

The first app is Canva! This is an app that seems to be fairly familiar to the church world and the beginning designer world in general. It seems to be a great go-to for many churches because of the features, ease of use and the fact that it’s free! Canva lets you easily create images by platform, where you can select the exact project you have such as an Instagram story and then choose exactly what type of Instagram Story you are looking to create. Canva picks the perfect artboard for you to work with. After that, Canva will give you a ton of different templates to choose from so you can make beautiful graphics in seconds. You can choose one of the templates or just start from scratch!

Starting from scratch is a great way to quickly add images of your own and format the text exactly how you want. It comes with a ton of different font and formatting options. You also have the option to license images for a small fee, normally around a dollar or so.

What I like about this app:

  • It’s free for non-profits
  • Super easy to use for anyone at any level of graphic design experience
  • Huge font library
  • You can save your church’s colors to have a cohesive look in all your graphics

2. What the Font

Have you ever looked at some design and thought to yourself, “Hmm. I wonder what font that is.” No? You don’t? Just me?

Well if you’ve ever wanted the ability to find out a font just by looking at it? Well now with 21st-century technology we can! That’s where What the Font comes into play. This is an app for both iOS and Android and the concept is pretty simple. You take a picture of any typography and select and isolate the text that you want the app to focus on and then hit the arrow button.

Instantly the app will give you a bunch of possible fonts that it could be, or at least very similar fonts. Then it will give you a link to find the font to use it for yourself.

The one thing I found that I don’t love is that you can’t take an image of a computer or TV screen because it sees the lines (MoirĂ© patterns) and thinks that’s part of the font. It doesn’t give very accurate results. However, you are able to upload images to use instead of only taking pictures so if you needed to you could take a screenshot and upload that image to find out the font to avoid that problem.

What I like about this app:

  • It’s free to find similar fonts (of course, some fonts may cost money to license though)
  • No more guessing what a font might be
  • Super user-friendly and self-explanatory

One thing I know about you as a church leader is that you are busy. There is always a ton to do in ministry and many times as creative people we spend so much time creating graphics from scratch and ultimately reinventing the wheel. This is not a very smart way to use your time. So I wanna share with you my 3 step method to creating church graphics in as little as 90 seconds. To check out that free training, click right here.

3. SnapSeed

When I started taking pictures for my church I would get out the DSLR and then take the pictures, then put the SD card into my computer so I could edit them on Lightroom, to edit then export and then send out.

It was quite a few steps! With free apps like SnapSeed and with the quality of phone cameras being what they are, there is hardly any reason you can’t take great photos on your phone. SnapSeed is an app by Google that offers a ton of different photo adjustment controls.

I am able to easily adjust the contrast of my photos, add glow, or sharpness with just a few taps. It also comes with a bunch of presets in each of the adjustment options. Like if I click, add “Drama,” it has 6 different drama presets to choose from, or I can go in and create my own dramatic look.

It also has effects like lens blur, vignette, or vintage.

What I like about this app:

  • It’s free
  • A ton of control of your images
  • Make your images perfect in just a few taps

At the end of the day, the ultimate mission which is pointing people toward Jesus and these are not the only tools that will help you do that. There are plenty of other apps out there to create graphics for churches so let me know if the comments below what apps you love using to create graphics for your church!

And remember to check out the mini-training “Beautiful Church Graphics in 90 Seconds” to create stunning graphics no matter your graphic design experience.

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