Alright. It’s honesty time.

It doesn’t matter how often you watch some of my YouTube videos, you probably don’t notice how many mistakes I make on camera…

because I cut them all out!

I’ve had people tell me “Dude you are really good on camera!” or “It seems to just kinda flow naturally for you on camera.”

And to that, I say, “Boy, has the editing fooled you…..!”

The second I turn the camera on I start fumbling over my words and I forget what I was going to say. I can spend so much time preparing my words but it all goes out the window if I know we’re recording! Gah! So frustrating!

And here’s the thing that’s reassuring. I know I’m not alone…! SO many people struggle with being on camera.

Well, I asked a friend of mine, Nathan Drake from Mina Studio to help me make a teleprompter. Ideally, this will help me speak on camera a bit!

He took me to Dollar Tree and we got all the supplies we need for just $4!

I was also thinking of ways that this teleprompter could come in handy for our church! Here are some of the ways I came up with!

  • Weekly Video Announcements
  • The pastor addressing the audience (maybe a video that plays right before the sermon recording)
  • Someone giving their testimony, speaking to the camera (help keep them on track and not ramble)
  • Video Devotional Recordings
  • Social Media Calls to Actions

And that was just a couple that were on the top of my head! I’m sure you could come up with more!

Okay, so let’s get to actually MAKING the DIY teleprompter!

Here’s the shopping list:
1 Black Binder
1 8×10 Glass Picture frame
4 Binder Clips
Black Electrical Tape
1 old wire hanger

Once we got these things we were ready to go! Nathan walked me through all the steps! But don’t worry! I documented it all for you so you could make your own budget teleprompter along with us!

Be sure to click the video below to watch us make a $4 DIY Teleprompter!

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