A Son
a Christmas graphics package

Graphics Elements

This package comes with a series of graphics such as a main title graphic, multiple social media posts ready for posting, blank lower thirds, and pastor name lower thirds.

Video Elements

This package also comes with a ready made sermon bumper. You can use this as a sermon trailer to get people ready for the series, or as a video right before the pastor speaks!

Editable Files

We also include all the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files that were used to create this package. Need to tweak something for your church? No problem! Just open up the file and tweak away!

O Little Town...

This simple yet elegant sermon series design will look great featured on your church’s social media account and in-house screens! You have everything you need to have this same Christmas theme featured everywhere it matters.

Want to use your own sermon series title?

Don’t love the title, “A Son?” Or do you already have a title in mind for your Christmas series? We understand! Let us customize it for you.

Just check “‘A Son’ Package with Custom Title” at checkout.

Please allow 1-2 business days to complete your custom art.