I’ve used my fair share of gimbals in the past but honestly, it’s taking me forever to find one that’s like this is perfect for my church but I think I found one. It’s the DJI Osmo Pocket. Let me tell you why this is so perfect for your church.

What’s up everybody? This is Sam DeZeeuw with SmartDeZign.church where we focus on using the power of video to reach people for Jesus. Today we’re talking about camera stabilizers and I gotta say, this little guy is a game changer. and I found four churches this might be the best camera stabilizer that I’ve ever used. And I’ve used other stabilizers in the past, specifically in church. the others have their advantages and they have their disadvantages but I would say the Osmo Pocket is the all-around package!

1. Not distracting to the congregation for worship

It’s our job as content creators to get awesome shots, but the second we are a distraction in worship is when we’ve gone too far and we’ve missed the mark on our goals. I really like my DJI Ronin S. But the thing is it’s a little bit bulky for a worship setting it’s just big enough that it will draw attention to itself the Ronin S has its own advantages. But the big advantage to the Osmo pocket is the small form factor. This can be a stand-alone camera that you set up and get a time-lapse as people enter the room and it won’t draw attention to itself. But it’s also something that you can walk around with and people won’t start to feel uncomfortable because they see a giant camera. So not only is it not a distraction but it doesn’t make the camera-shy congregation feel uncomfortable.

2. You can hand it off to any volunteer and they’ll know how to use it.

For most churches, I know that this is a big deal. Because most churches use volunteers for their media team. I didn’t initial test with my wife. Initially, when I got the Ronin S I gave it to her to try out. You could tell she was very uncomfortable she didn’t know what she was doing she didn’t want to break it. It gave her anxiety. But when I got the Osmo Pocket I let her try it and her first comment was that it was adorable and it reminded her of Wall-E but our other comment was how easy it was to use she started moving around with it and getting interesting shots and trying things for herself. This gimbal is super user-friendly and I would trust any volunteer to get at least decent shots with this. There’s even a basic and a pro mode. If you wanted you could set it to pro mode and set specific adjustments yourself. Or when you hand it off to a volunteer you can set it to basic mode and have a lot of the settings dumb down so the volunteer can’t accidentally adjust settings they didn’t mean to adjust.

3. Price + Features = Awesome

The last big reason that I would recommend this gimbal is because of the price. For the last few months I’ve been looking for a camera that has a lot of the features that this Osmo Pocket has I’ve been looking for something with 4K capabilities, I’ve been looking for something with internal stabilization, I’ve been looking for something that does slow motion, and I haven’t been able to find the perfect camera yet at the right price point. A lot of the cameras that I come across our at least at the minimum $700 or more. personally, I wasn’t ready to spend that money if the camera didn’t seem perfect. What I saw the Osmo Pocket and I saw it had 4K, and it had slow motion and it was a 3-axis gimbal, that I can fit in my pocket, I knew that this was the exact camera that I’ve been looking for. And the biggest thing was it only cost me $350. This is half the price of the other stuff that I’ve been seeing. I’ve already been super impressed with this camera you can see some of the footage that I’ve gotten here and this is all footage that is not in color corrected this is straight out of the camera.

Honestly, the convenience factor can’t be matched.

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