For what I spent on The Blue Snowball Microphone, I truly believe that it would be almost impossible to find a microphone in this price range with the same audio quality. You just can’t ask for better at this price point.

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Not to mention that the microphone is very easy to set up. There’s no complicated buttons or switches. Theres no fancy softwares or amplifiers that you that you need to install. If you know how to plug in a USB cable, you know how to operate a Blue Snowball Microphone. Once you plug the microphone into your computer the microphone will run off of the computer’s power. You know it is receiving power by looking at the front red light. Once that’s on you should be good to go.

Next I want to talk about the build quality. This thing is a beast. I have had this microphone for a couple years now, taking it from location to location to record voice overs or vocals and it is still in great shape. Right behind the logo you will find a wire mesh grille and an in front of a foam wind screen that protects the mics two 0.5-inch mic capsules. Honestly I am surprised that the wire grille has taken the beating that it has so far but even now I don’t see any imperfections. I’m telling you, this thing is solid.

In the box you get the Blue Snowball microphone, a small stand and a 5-6 foot rugged USB cable. The stand does come separate and you are able to put on or take off the stand with the threaded bottom hole of the microphone. This is great if you have another microphone holder that would be more convenient for you. To get an idea of the size of this device, as you can see I can put the snowball in the palm of my hand just perfectly.

Currently, Blue is making snowball microphones with a switch on the back that can toggle between 3 modes. My older version however does not have that. But just so you know, Mode 1 gives you a cardioid pickup pattern, Mode 2 is cardioid mode with a -10 dB pad, and Mode 3 is omnidirectional, so it will pickup the sounds all around the device.microphone, blue snowball microphone, usb mic

The biggest gripe I have with this microphone is that in order for it to be useful, you have to pretty much talk right into it. Even when plugging it into your computer and turning the recording value all the way up, you will still need to be really close to the microphone to get the studio quality audio you are looking for. Just keep in mind, when you are that close to the microphone, you need to be aware of the pops in your voice when you talk. Luckily, this can be eliminated with a simple pop filter. Problem solved.

So yes, you have to be pretty close to the microphone to record, but there are positives to that. That allows the Blue Snowball Microphone to be very good at eliminated all the unwanted background noise under the cardioid setting.

Overall, this is the perfect microphone for me, whether I’m doing voice overs, recording vocals, or recording a podcast. I couldn’t be more satisfied at this price point. I bought this back when I was young and had hardly any money. But I have never been disappointed because it delivers way better than I expected, while not spending over $100. If you are creating any type of content online that involves recording audio, such as a podcast or any sort of videos with voice over, you cannot go wrong with this option.

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