Save hours every week creating your church’s video announcements.

A tool for church media leaders to create professional video announcements every week in record time.

Why use Coming Up for your Video Announcements?

Make it Inspiring.

Inspire your church to get involved in the ministries at your church.

Make it Simple

Give your vollunteers the chance to help with simple to use templates

Make it Shareable.

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Make it Show

Using video to SHOW stimulates both sides of the brain helping capture and keep attention.

Make it Professional

With a simple drag and drop formula you can make professional looking announcements.

Make it Repeatable

You’re producing these regularly. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple and repeatable process?

Need a Demo?

Not exactly sure what Coming Up can do for your church? Check out this demo using not only the included graphics pack, but also the strategies taught in the included course.

Don't know where to start?

If you want to improve or begin producing video announcements for your church, we offer a full online course on how to produce and edit your own video announcements!

We breakdown the shooting and editing techniques as well as teach you how to communicate your message effectively.

Course Modules

Video Lessons


Real Life Usages

What's Included in the Template:

The Coming Up template includes editable files so you can customize for your church’s brand! This includes the original After Effects files. It also includes an editable Premiere Pro project to drag and drop in your footage. We’ve included the rendered video elements so you can use these graphic elements in virtually any video editing software!

Who is Coming Up for?

Coming Up is for those who understand the power of media, but think they don’t have the resources to help make it happen.  It’s for those who think they don’t have the creativity, equipment, money, or skills to produce amazing announcement videos. You actually have exactly what you need right under your nose. So let’s do this.

I’ve spent many years volunteering time in the media ministry at my church in southern Illinois. I’m always striving to understand the in’s an out’s of what inspires the congregation, or how to make things simple yet enjoyable for the other media volunteers. Today I want to pass my years of experience onto you and help you produce video announcements that not only look great, but inspire your church to get involved. Sam DeZeeuw

Founder, Smart DeZign

Answers to Your Questions

We’re just using a phone to shoot our announcements. Will this still work?

That will work just fine! The template will work with any footage that you use, including smartphone footage! In the course, we point you toward some equipment we recommend when you’re ready to level up your video game, but you can use this template and course at any level!

What video editing software is this compatible with?

When you download the Coming Up template pack you will get 3 things:

  • Rendered graphics file to use in virtually any editing software.
  • Original After Effects project files to tweak to your church’s brand.
  • It also comes with an Adobe Premiere Pro Project for you to drag in your announcement footage into!

Can I change the colors or the logo?

Absolutely! We created the original After Effects project with customization in mind. With a couple clicks, you can change the color scheme of the entire project. You will also be able to easily drag and drop your churches logo into the project.

Is this easy enough for our volunteers to use?

The idea behind the Coming Up template and course is to make it as simple as possible for anyone to use, whether you have years of video experience or are just starting out and want to help!

Smart DeZign Presents

Get started with your videos this week!

Just looking for a template? No problem! Or are you looking to increase the quality of your video announcements in more ways than just graphics? Be sure to check out the full course!

Coming Up Template

  • Info Lower Thirds Template
  • Animated Logo Open
  • Unique transitions
  • Original After Effects Project files
  • Premiere Pro project files
  • Rendered animations to use in other video editing programs

Important Note!

The “Coming Up Template + Course” Bundle is coming very soon! Anyone who downloads the “Coming Up Template” pack will get $95 off the course when it is finally released!