If your church is looking to create video announcements for your worship services, I’d like to give you four tips to streamline the process and make more engaging videos. Your video announcements are a vital part of your service so I want to give you four tips to make the best church video announcements.

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So your church is ready to start doing video announcements? Or you’re already doing video announcements and you’re trying to make them better?

Be sure to check out the 7 Must-Haves for your Church Announcements. This checklist is designed for you to bring with you on your next Church video announcements shoot. This way you can just check things off as you go and make sure you have everything included in your announcements.


1. Plan ahead

The reality is churches are notorious for leaving announcements on the back burner until the very last moment. Have you ever seen this at your church? The announcement guy is getting these texts and these requests to mention things. People asking, “Hey can you use this in the announcements I want to make sure people know about this!”

My question is, why didn’t we think about this earlier because the announcements are such an important part of our services. These announcements are what inspire and invite people to get involved at your church! It inspires them to take the next steps in becoming an active member! Shouldn’t this be something we spend more time and attention into?

When you do video announcements, you’re kind of forced to plan ahead. With live announcements, people have the ability to walk up to the announcement guy and make some requests. However, with video announcements, you’re forcing your ministries to get their announcements to you by the designated shoot date. This is a great way to hold your ministries accountable!

2. Cut Content

Not everything needs to be mentioned in your announcements. In fact, you shouldn’t mention everything in your announcements! You’ll have many requests for announcements but at some point, you need to draw the line! Having too many announcements in your video will not just be overwhelming but it will ensure that your audience we’ll check out far before the video is over.

So where do you draw that line? First ask yourself, “Does this announcement effect 50% or more of the people listening?” If not you might want to consider cutting it from the video announcements.

Ultimately one of the goals of your video announcements is to keep the attention of the viewer and if 50% or more of the listeners are not affected by your announcements they’re sure to stop paying attention.

This isn’t always the case though. There are slower days where you don’t have as many announcements to announce. so on those days don’t be afraid to add some of the stuff that may not apply to everyone! But at the same time don’t feel like your videos have to be a certain length so you have to include these small random events.

3. Talk to your visitors

When you or the host are presenting the announcements be sure that you are talking as if you’re talking to a visitor. It’s so easy to start talking to “the insiders” or the people who have gone to the church for a while. But you have to remember that when you have new people, they don’t know what you know!

You cannot assume everyone knows where the youth room is. You cannot assume that people know where to drop their kid off for children’s church. If a visitor is there and feels as though you’re not talking to them, and they feel overwhelmed because they don’t understand the lingo or the terms that you’re referencing, they may never come back because they feel like there is this club that they are not a part of.

So make sure that your visitors don’t ever feel like they were not thought of when you’re presenting your announcements.

PRO TIP: Have a big call to action for your visitors! An example could be, “If you’re new here rip off the flap in the bulletin and place it in the offering plate,” or “If you’re a visitor with us today please stop by the welcome desk because we have a special gift bag for you!”

Also just make sure that they know that they are welcome here! Make sure to mention that you’re happy they’re here and you want to make the experience as great as possible for them!

4. Tell Stories

Don’t just rattle off your announcements! An example of this would be saying, “Hey we have this youth Camp coming up! It’s on this date at this time. Talk to this person to get more information about that and to sign up.”

Instead of just saying the announcements turn it into a story. talk about what happened last year at the camp! Tell everybody the impact that it had and how many people were called into ministry. Talk about how many youth accepted Jesus Christ into their life! Talk about the relationships that are formed in that camp! After that then you can talk about the details such as when and where and who to talk to.

This strategy is what will convince the people to go who have always gone to this camp, but it will also convince the people who may have never heard of the camp because they see the value in it.

Not only that but the reality is we are human and we are creatures who love stories. That is why Jesus himself was such a storyteller!

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