Last week I told you about some of the ways that the DJI Osmo Pocket is so great for churches. In fact, I may have jumped the gun a little bit in saying that it was “Perfect for your church”. We all make mistakes…!

This week I want to share with you some of my biggest frustrations when it comes to the Osmo Pocket, and why I’ll probably be returning it…

No Tripod Mount

One of the big selling points of the DJI Osmo Pocket is that it’s great for vlogging! I say vlogging loosely too many times when people think of vlogging their thinking about YouTube. But for churches that might mean recording a personal video as a pastor to your congregation.

The problem I see with this though is that it doesn’t come with a tripod mount on the bottom of the device I’m really your only option is to put it on a flat surface or to hold it out in front of you. Just adding a tripod mount to this camera would make it so much easier to use this camera in more situations. I suppose you could 3D print a mount for it. Which I’ve thought about doing, but come on!!

The nice thing about the vlogging though is that The audio really isn’t that terrible. It’s nothing to brag about but it’s usable.

Audio isn’t good when filming other people

As I said, the audio when filming yourself is usable. I can’t say it’s great, but it’s usable. The microphone is placed on the back of the device facing you so this is okay if you’re filming yourself talking but when you are using this to film others talking the audio really is not so good.

It probably would have been better if the microphone was somehow placed on the top of the device so you could pick up audio from both sides of the camera. So unfortunately if you’re using this to primarily record somebody else talking then you might possibly need some sort of external audio recorder.

Which is, of course, another expense…

Light gimbal = small wavy movements.

There’s no doubt that this 3 axis gimbal does a great job of stabilizing the footage! However, the smaller your camera is the wavier your video is going to look it looks like you’re bouncing the camera up and down because you are very subtly as you walk. You have this problem less and less the heavier of a rig that you use like the DJI Ronin S.

With the Ronin S being a little bit of a bulkier setup I can get much more fluid shots because the energy is being pushed up into the gimbal however with a smaller device like the Osmo Pocket the device doesn’t absorb a lot of that energy so you end up seeing that bouncy look.

Of course, you can tweak this a little bit in post-production with warp stabilizer or by shooting in a higher frame rate and slowing it down in post. But it would be nice to have it perfect out of the camera but maybe that’s asking too much!

Osmo Pocket is stuck to one lens

You only get one lens and it’s a medium shot. So if you’re looking for a very wide establishing shot you can’t switch this out. If you’re looking for a very zoomed in shot, you’re kind of stuck with the medium shot lens that this camera provides. That would be the advantage to using something like the DJI Ronin S or other 3 axis gimbals or stabilizers because you can put whatever camera you want on and you can put your own lenses on to give a different feel.

In one of my previous videos I talked about how you can make your videos more interesting and one way to do that is to use different focal lengths so medium shots close-up shots wide shots and varying that throughout your video. When you only use this camera you really don’t have that ability because you’re locked into one focal length.

Of course, if you shoot in 4K and edit in 1080p you can zoom in a little in post, but you don’t really get that same look like a true narrow focal length.

Low light performance

Lastly, this camera does a pretty poor job of handling low light. Really that’s an understatement! Your lighting has to be perfect to use this camera… So most indoor situation (unless you have a pro video lighting setup) you’re gonna get some noise. At my church this week we had a New Years Eve worship celebration at church and I used my DJI Osmo Pocket to shoot it. The footage is so noisy it’s nearly unusable. But unfortunately, that’s the only footage we have so we’ll probably end up using it for next years promotion.

I had a feeling this would happen so I quickly got out my phone (a Google Pixel 3) and recorded a quick 10-second clip. After comparing them side by side, there really is no comparison. It’s almost like the Osmo Pocket didn’t even try to reduce noise..!

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