There’s a ton of great tutorials on YouTube for After Effects but the problem with MOST of those tutorials if they don’t have your ministry in mind.

Or they just teach a small portion of AE so you’re left to stick everything together. But that’s how the After Effects Roadmap is different.

A friend of mine, Matt said this. He said, “Originally I knew nothing about After Effects, and while I don’t consider myself “pro”, I can now create some pretty cool animations that LOOK professional. And as a small church pastor, I wouldn’t have expected to be able to do some of these things or have access to some of these things on the budget and the small team that I have.“

That just goes to show that you don’t need the formal schooling to understand after effects. Matt is the pastor at his church and with his small team and limited budget he knew that he needed to learn how to do motion graphics himself and that’s exactly where there The AE roadmap came into play.

Level up your social media posts, on-screen backgrounds, countdowns, video announcements, sermon series bumpers, and really anything else you can think of…! We’ve got a lot to learn here at the AE Roadmap! To sign up for that, click right here and get started.

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