It’s time to bring everything together to create your video announcements! It’s the last step in the process, the editing step! I’m going to show you how to keep your audience engaged, stylize your video, and how to streamline the process to make it simple for and repeatable for either you or your volunteers.

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This is seemingly such a small element when it comes to editing your video announcements but important none the less. Whether you or someone at your church is the host, it doesn’t matter how well-known they think you are at the church, it is always a good idea to include your name at the beginning.

As churches we are always trying to bring in new people and create a bond with new visitors, if we are successful in that goal, we should always assume not everyone knows the host. Simply just adding a lower third at the beginning of the video to share the host’s name makes a very simple bond between the viewer and the host.


Secondly, it’s always helpful to show instead of just tell. So adding B-Roll to your footage is a great way to spice up your announcements and keep the attention of the viewer. I have a whole tutorial on planning and creatively shooting your church announcements B-Roll, so be sure to check that out. But what if the only B-Roll you have are photos? This happens quite a bit when you’re promoting an event that a videographer wasn’t there for and the only documentation of it is photos.

While I would normally recommend using video over photos whenever possible, I realize that it’s not always possible! So if you’re going to use photos as B-Roll be sure to add a little bit of motion to your photos. This is known as the Ken Burns effects.

And while this may be getting a little more advanced, I’d also recommend adding a blurred version of the photo to the background of a portrait picture. While most videos are edited and viewed in landscape mode, many photos you have may have been taken in portrait mode. In other words, the photo is taller than it is wide. Bringing this into a landscape project will leave you with black bars on the sides. If you’re editing software allows you to, I’d recommend adding a layer under the original photo, scaling it up, adding a blur to it, and maybe bringing the brightness down a bit on the bottom layer. This gives you a much more interesting look than black sidebars.


Third I would recommend keeping words on the screen at all times. I say all times loosely because we’ve done it where the Text stays over the B-Roll, but we’ve also done it where we only keep text on top of the host talking footage. This primarily depends on what B-Roll we have for this particular announcement and if it works well together.

If nothing else this text simply gives the viewers something else to look at. While your on-screen text can come in many different styles, we do this the style of a lower third bar at the bottom of the screen. We start out our lower thirds just putting the text of what the event is, trying not to add too many details such as date, location, or who to reach out to get connected.

As the host starts to talk about details then we wipe to the details to give the viewer a verbal AND a visual connection to the details. This way the viewer is not just hearing a web address of a phone number, but they are able to see it too to ensure they are going to the right place.


This seems to be one of the toughest parts for video editors. Especially when it comes to adding the creative elements to the video such as B-Roll or transitions.

I like to keep the intro, outro, and transitions as quick as possible. Each one of these elements has a purpose, but if made to be too long, they will overstay their welcome. The intro and outro we use are about 3-4 seconds long where the transitions are really only about 1 second.

I get it, as a motion designer, it takes a long time to put together an intro title. Firstly finding the inspiration for what it’ll look like and then designing it to make it your own and then animating all the elements together is a lot of work and as the designer, it’s easy for us to forget how long the animations can be because of all the time we have invested in it. I hate to say it but the viewers don’t care how much time you put into the intro. If the intro seems to go on and on, most of them are not marveling at your creative vision. They’re thinking “Good grief, get to the announcements!!”

Each of these elements has their purpose, so let them achieve that purpose, and get off of it!


I don’t know about your church in particular but some churches are producing updated video announcements every week. Now that can be quite a bit of work! However, some churches don’t do it every week simply because of the amount of time and resources needed to be invested in them.

So one of my biggest tips is to make it template-able. What this looks like is keeping a master Video Announcements Template file that you open up every week where some of the key elements that are used in every video are already imported into the project and placed on the timeline. Have your text in place and ready to be edited every week, have your folders set up and named accordingly to stay organized.

Creating this project from scratch every week is sucking away a crazy amount of time that you don’t need to be investing because the work’s already been done! All you have to do is do a ‘Save As’ in your project every week to keep the template file, but also have a separate project file for each week.

It’s amazing how many hours you can save a week, let alone in a year by using a video announcements template. So because I truly believe in this process I actually created a motion graphics and editing template pack specifically for your churches announcements. Everything is in place for you and ready for you to drop in the footage. You can even customize the motion graphics elements to match your churches branding with your churches color and logo. Or simply just use the templated motion graphics that come with it that work for every church! Click here to grab that!

But to get more free resources to creating your churches video announcement click right here! And if you are interested in getting professional looking B-Roll for your announcements, so you don’t always have to use pictures, click right here!

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