Should your church be uploading your sermons or other videos to YouTube or to Vimeo? There are many pros and cons to both video platforms, and we’ll be discussing what platform is best suited for your church, YouTube or Vimeo.

Let’s look at what’s great about YouTube

YouTube Pro 1: Price

You can’t beat the price that you pay by using YouTube! It’s free. And in my estimation in always will be. Unlike Vimeo, you never have to be concerned with the file size that your uploading or hitting your limit of uploads. You just freely upload.

This is huge for those churches on a tight budget!

YouTube Pro 2: Getting Found in Search

I’m not sure if you know this but YouTube is owned by the largest search engine in the world, Google. Oh and get this! It IS the 2nd largest search engine in the world! That’s quite the resume.

It should be our sole focus for our church online to capture the attention of others. Without their attention, how do you suppose you’ll spread the message of God?

Well without ranking at the top of search, how do you suppose they find you and give you their attention?

See where I’m going here?

YouTube is your best option for ranking your video at the top of search and allowing new users to find you and your church! Its basically like free advertising!

I uploaded a video about how to get your videos ranked to the top of YouTube search! Check this out for a tutorial.

YouTube Pro 3: Engagement Features to get people to watch more

YouTube has a ton of features to get viewers to watch more of your content.

They use end screens….

….and cards to drive more people to your other content.

The more people watch your content, the more YouTube promotes your videos, the more views you get, and at the end of the day, the more eyeballs on your church! Its a beautiful cycle!

YouTube Pro 4: Community

YouTube is focused on community. Its rolling out new features all the time to make YouTube more of a social network and increase the community engagement.

You can use this as an opportunity to have conversations with people in the comments of your YouTube videos. Minister to them! Make disciples!

The downfalls to using YouTube

YouTube Con 1: Suggested Videos

Suggested videos is a blessing and a curse. On one hand its great because if your churches videos are being suggested, its a chance to have the viewer watch more! On the other hand, you have VERY LITTLE control over what gets suggested next to your videos.

If for example your viewer is a large consumer of violent video games, and ends up on your sermon video, he may see suggested videos on violent video games.

This has NOTHING to do with your content, but YouTube thinks he’ll like that content, so they suggest it!

YouTube Con 2: More Video Compression

This is one of the lesser “cons” in this list because I don’t think many people notice or even care if they do. However if you are a big stickler about your video quality, you may want to know that YouTube compresses your video to a lower quality than Vimeo.

Again, you probably have never noticed or thought about it, so in my mind, not a huge deal, but its something to mention.

YouTube Con 3: Trolling/Spam

As I mentioned above, one of the great things of YouTube is the community. However there is always a bad apple looking to stir the pot.

Your comments could end up being infested with people just trying to cause problems and say negative things about Christianity, your church or God.

What do you do about this?

You could 1. Turn off all comments on your videos. But then you lose that community aspect. So I don’t recommend it. Or 2. You could have a social media manager at your church moderate these comments. Anything that gets out of hand, just delete them an move on.

However, use some discretion with this. You don’t just want to delete because its a negative comment. You may want to take that opportunity to minister to them! Have a conversation!

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